We are Unit,

a multidisciplinary design studio specialized in visual communication.

Clear communication – that’s our goal. From defining the objectives, through employing the necessary toolkit towards a meaningful design product.

Our Process

1. Brief

Our approach to each project is analytical including basic tools such as the creative brief as a basis for initial conversation with the client on the objectives of the design.

2. Research

Further on we employ research methods into the semantic, semiotic, iconographic and other related areas around the subject in order to develop a relevant visual and intellectual framework.

3. Design

We then use this framework as a basis for several design concepts presented to the client in the form of a visual essay which allows the client to be introduced to every aspect of the design thus gaining understanding and becoming a part of it. High quality of execution is ensured throughout the entire process.

Our Team

Unit is a design studio employing the principles of visual communication, established in 2014 by Boris Bonev and Mihail Mihaylov, communication designers with solid professional experience in creative agencies as well as freelance. After graduating Graphic Design and Illustration at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, they continued their studies together at St. Joost Academy, The Netherlands with MA degrees in Communication Design.

Creating Unit in 2014 was a natural outcome of their common professional aspirations for meaningful graphic design. In 2020, after 6 years of working together and learning much from each other, Boris and Mihail decided it was time to pursue their further career development separately. Mihail continued his work in several design studios in Oslo, while Boris continues to develop Unit being localized in Sofia. The studio works for both local and international clients worldwide.

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