Eastside Books

representing modernity

Acquiring a Voice

By employing a minimalist approach for Eastside Bookshop’s identity, our goal was help it stand out from the surrounding vintage atmosphere of London’s East end.

Type / Form

We designed the “eb” mark by using quotation symbols as a reference to reading and literature.


We chose modern sans-serif to achieve neutral, strictly informative appearance of the text thus keeping the main focus on the logo mark.

Reading Together

Eastside Books is also a social place. To communicate this, we designed an intricate pattern that represents the flux of people and exchange of information.

Being based solely on the logo, this pattern becomes functional decoration that enforces the brand’s visual presence.

Grid Function

The pattern serves as a grid and provides scaling options for using the logo through different layouts.

Black and White

The black and white gamma is a reference to the technology of the printing press and bookmaking as a whole.

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